Phoenix Energy Nigeria Limited is a representative of Sparks Dynamic in Nigeria

Phoenix Energy Nigeria Limited is a representative of Sparks Dynamic in Nigeria. Sparks Dynamics provides intelligent solutions to our industrial customers that enhance business profitability through smart systems that continuously monitor and manage energy, security, and equipment status. This continuous verification allows for increased efficiencies, uptime and business continuity.  A state of the art cloud based monitoring solution with data analytics and specially developed artificial intelligence is the backbone of the company offering.


Industrial Compressed Air Systems can be one of the most inefficient systems in the typical Industrial Plant- 50% of the energy used to compress air can be going to waste through leakage, misapplications and artificial demand.

Solution – Compressed air system Audit

  • We establish a baseline by installing monitoring equipment to our ReMaster Data Collection System
  • We then analyze the system data to determine inefficiencies and areas for optimization
  • Propose energy efficiency projects and upgrades.
  • Many utilities are offering substantial rebates for implementing energy conservation measures.
  • Implement, manage and finance your custom project
  • Continue to verify your system by tracking real time data. 
  • System alarms and alerts can be sent by email or text


6, Royal Avenue, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. 


08082135027 (24hrs)

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