Phoenix Energy Nig Ltd is the distributor for KAM Controls Inc. USA

Phoenix Energy Nigeria Limited is the Nigeria official distributor/sales
agent for KAM Controls Inc. USA.

KAM CONTROLS started in 1983 when Exxon Mobil approached company founder
Kam Mohajer with a problem. Exxon needed to measure the volume of oil in
marine offloading. The traditional measurement method of using an
insertion turbine meter repeatedly failed due to clogging from sediment in
the crude. Mohajer created a solid-state Ultrasonic Flow Meter unaffected
by sediment in terms of measurement or maintenance, and KAM CONTROLS was

These solutions include but not limited to the following:

(1) Automatic sampling with the KAM IAS Isokinetic Automatic Sampler

(2) Laboratory oil water measurement with the KAM KF Karl Fischer Moisture

(3) Pipeline and production oil water measurement with the patented KAM
OWD Water Cut Meter

(4) The OOD allows operators to monitor produced water and wastewater
streams for the presence of hydrocarbons in a variety of applications,
providing continuous, real-time data with a minimum range of 0-50 ppm,
maximum 0-5000 ppm.

(5) Pipeline interface detection with the KAM OID Optical Interface Detector
You can find KAM Controls’ products all over the world, from KAM CHAs on
major European pipelines to KAM OWDs throughout to gulf of Mexico, to
Automatic Sampling systems in New Zealand, to KAM OIDs detecting dyed
fuels interface in the Middle East.

While our international sales and reputation continue to grow, KAM
Controls continues to work on a growing product line, tackling problematic
issues associated with heavy oil, oil sands, oil shale, and more.

Contact Phoenix Energy Nigeria Limited, sales representative of KAM
Controls to find out more about our line of products and how we can help
you find solutions today.

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