We represent AP Sensing in Nigeria

We represent AP Sensing in Nigeria:

AP Sensing offers distributed optical sensing technology (DTS – distributed temperature sensing) for a wide range of applications. Based on our HP/Agilent heritage, with over 25 years of optical measurement expertise, we stand for top quality and well-designed solutions.

LNG terminal monitoring

Fiber-optic DTS technology is uniquely suited to a variety of monitoring tasks within an LNG terminal and is recommended for spillage detection in section 13.4 of EN 1473:2007-06. By using optical sensing probes, our solution is non-corrosive and intrinsically safe. It accurately measures temperatures over long distances and is suitable for operation in cryogenic conditions.

Our DTS solution is ideally suited for:

Pipeline leakage detection
Regasification and liquefaction monitoring
Tank annulus and base slab monitoring
Spill containment control
Pipeline monitoring

Modern pipeline management needs to ensure pipeline integrity, immediate leakage detection and risk mitigation. AP Sensing’s DTS solution provides the capability to monitor the entire downstream process 24/7 and identifies leakages down to the exact location of the incident, even in hazardous environments. Temperature profiling lets you detect anomalies during pipeline operation. Any failures of your heat tracing system can be detected quickly.

The inherent advantages of our DTS system make it ideal for your application:

Reliable and cost-effective gas pipelines (hydrocarbons, ammonium, carbon dioxide)
Liquid pipelines, like oil and brine
Hot and cold liquids (steam and sulfur, or cryogenic liquids like LNG and PNG)
The intelligent solution with the most comprehensive set of certifications

It is the sum total of our technology that ultimately ensures worry-free permanent monitoring:

Sensor cables ideally suited to your pipeline application
Integrated software to define alarm and zone parameters
Asset-visualization software that can be fully integrated into site monitoring and control systems
The industry’s most complete set of certifications, including:
– ATEX certification down to Zone 0
– Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL-2) Assessment
– Plus laser safety, EMI, ISO-9001, UL, and many more

AP Sensing has the industry’s most complete set of certifications. We help you comply to all relevant security standards, which ensure environmental and employee safety. 


1. Fire Detection
Security systems demand highly reliable and extremely quick fire detection. You need a solution that is immune to adverse and hazardous environments. Fiber-based linear heat detection is especially suitable for fire detection as it leaves no area unmonitored and displays the real-time temperature development and heat transport of the entire area.

2. Power Cable Monitoring
Distributed temperature sensing solutions provide continuous monitoring of high power cable temperatures, detecting hot spots, delivering operational status, condition assessment and power circuit rating data (RTTR and DCR). This helps operators optimize the transmission and distribution networks, and reduce costs.

3. LNG and Pipeline Monitoring
LNG terminals and modern pipelines need to be closely monitored for integrity, leakage detection and risk mitigation. By making use of optical sensing probes, our DTS solutions are non-corrosive and intrinsically safe. Temperature changes are accurately monitored in real time, 24/7.

Whether you transport LNG, ambient liquids, or very hot or cryogenic fluids, read on to learn more about the industry’s most reliable and completely-certified DTS solution.

4. Oil & Gas Reservoir Monitoring
Today’s oil and gas reservoir management requires real time, continuous downhole monitoring to optimize the economic and operational performance of the valuable assets. Through this real-time overview of the production and injection dynamics, the reservoir engineer can optimize production and maximize recovery.

Benefits – well optimization

The AP Sensing DTS technology provides leading and economical solutions for low-producing and high temperature wells; for on and offshore installations. Enabling the move from retrievable temperature measurement services to permanent installations.

5. Geo & Hydrology Surveys
With finest temperature resolution over long distances AP Sensing’s DTS solutions support environmental research projects in the areas of river stream monitoring, glacier melting observation, and the vertical temperature analysis of lakes. Intelligent solutions support Enhanced Geothermal Response Tests in geothermal wells, seepage monitoring of dykes and dams and leakage detection in geotechnical applications

6. Industrial Applications
The fiber optic DTS technology is used in a broad range of applications. Often the user is not even interested in the temperature as such, but uses it as key indicator to detect fires, leakages or to understand and optimize production processes.

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